I’m Emmanuel Watila, a twenty three year old software designer and developer currently based in Nigeria, working with diverse talented teams across the globe.

These days I work at Oak Studios an indie design and development studio delivering amazing websites that are fast and performant; where I developed / redeveloped a love for Jekyll, Siteleaf CMS and Vanilla Javascript which is lightweight but delivers a killer experience (like this website).



I want to learn every opportunity I get, the software development space is ever changing with newer and faster solutions, I've made it a priority to unlearn and relearn as much as I can.

Outside The Box

Let it flow; at the end of the day, you'll be happy you let it. Creative task need to be thought of outside the box; creativity can be learned; and most importantly, let go of your preconceptions.

Lead with Caution

When you're at the helm of a ship, be careful how you stir, the fate of your entire crew rest on your shoulder, take critism and stow emotions as much as possible, most especially anger.

Area of Interests

Front-end development, System programming, Concurrent computing, Quantum computing, Scientific programming, Distributed systems, Rust, Julia, Python.


Oak Studio

Developer Intern

Aug 2022 - present

basement studio

Content Writer (Contract)

March 2022 - present


Front End Engineer

Feb 2021 - Jun 2022

GCAT Solutions

UX Developer

Jun 2019 - Oct 2020