Node.js / Typescript / MongoDB / REST
October 07, 2022

I built this little template for reducing the time to production of the most very essential part of any product; this snazzy authentication service was developed as a starting point. I figured that writing backends from scratch for my side project was tedious and a repeatitive process which greatly increased the time it took to get started on the most crucial aspects of developing a simple project.

The rudimental aspects of this template is already in place; although Iā€™m currently working on expanding the template to have other user management features and because this template also targets people that have a limited understanding of advanced cloud platforms I wanted to make this simple for the beginner and useful for an expert.

I continue to work on-and-off on this, I look forward to collaborating with people that have ideas or suggestions, and even people that have a feature request. Go ahead, take a look and tell me what you think.

Open repository