Photo by Emmanuel Watila

What I Do On Earth

January 08, 2023

So, now that we are here, let me breakdown everything for you.

Design Work

Well, design fits into my everyday life, I use it in all my other work. Whether it’s cropping pictures for a custom dataset or designing an icon for a front-end development project, I design almost everyday, so, I will at one point in time find myself designing some form of deliverable. Which brings us to Figma, my go-to design tool.

Front-End Development

This is the daily driver, I mainly work with; Typescript, React & Next.js, Node.js, and Firebase. I’ve worked on website and front-end software engineering projects; I’ve built fast and responsive user interfaces for many consumer-facing products. I love building cool personal projects, you can find them here, I’m always looking for feedbacks and critics and so if you have any ideas feel free to shoot me an email.


This is where I do must of my work now; I’m currently focused on Hybrid Quantum-Classical Machine Learning and its application in the field of healthcare and disease prevention, distributed systems and functional programming. My main tools are; Python, PyTorch, IBM Qiskit, and Rust.


I love to communicate through writing; this is something I do personally and have also done professionally. I have worked with creative teams to deliver engaging content on websites and also social media and I have published a few articles on Medium which ranged from; UX Design, Enterpreneurship, Neuroscience, Human Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and also this blog where the tone is more casual.


I’m a avid learner and I believe there’s a lot of knowledge to be consumed, even though I’d like to know a bit of everything even to keep up a conversation, I find that I’m finally converging on that one thing and I hope I’m on track. Yeah, that’s about it, that’s what I do at my desk.

Now, when it comes to what I do away from my desk, well, that’s an entirely different story, and I promise to write about that soon. Love you, xoxo.