Welcome to the new blog

After a long time of not having a blog on my website, I finally buckled down and added a blog, it took a day but more about that in a different post.

8 January 2023 Photo by Drew Beamer Photo by Drew Beamer

Welcome & Welcome Back

For those who knew previous iterations of my website, you’d know I had a blog section that had only two posts that were almost a year apart because I didn’t have a lot to say and I was in the worst creative rot of my life.

So I stopped writing and focused on work and earning a little more money, exploring other fields of creativity like creative direction, videography, and photography, which was a very pleasant tangent.

What You Expect?

Well, during this pleasant but somewhat crazy tangent, I stumbled upon a newfound passion that happens to be one that I enjoy and look forward to doing for a long time; a fusion of research and engineering.

So for the foreseeable future, I’ll be focusing on R&D content on this blog, one topic, in particular, is “embedded and systems programming”. I’ll be diving deep into the how-to of designing, producing, and programming my own computer.

Languages & Tools

KiCAD, because who doesn’t love an amazing open-source tool solving problems, KiCAD EDA is a simple and intuitive electronic automation design suite, and I’m loving it already.

I’ll be using a few languages that I have come to love; C/C++ and Rust, both do exceptionally well in embedded and systems programming. I have some rudimentary knowledge of Rust so I’ll start there and then move on to the “grey hairs”.

Somewhere down the line, I’ll make a decision to ruin my life and run mad by picking up Assembly as the final punch to round up the learning process.

What Do You Hope To Achieve?

Hopefully, a fully functioning application-specific computer, but I’m not too rigid about that. The main goal here is to be able to have a working knowledge and experience in this newfound drive.


I hope y’all stick around to watch this transition as I document this amazing journey. Yeah, that’s about it.

Love you, xoxo.